staci schwartzStaci Schwartz has been photographing various New York events that feature parties, personalities, and pop culture for over ten years. From Manhattan to Montauk, she photographs NYC nightlife to suburban rituals on Long Island to the ceremonies of the affluent in the Hamptons. Her work has been featured in Vogue, Teen People, Travel and Leisure, American Photo, Hamptons & Gotham Magazines, and The Village Voice.

With Staci's years of experience in the photojournalism, paparazzi, and documentary world, she has a unique perspective that is unparalleled in the event photography field. When Staci photographs your special day, she treats it like a front-page news event, covering every angle, moment and perspective.

Staci is completely engaged from the telephone calls in the planning stages, to shooting every exciting detail of your day's events, to the creation of your photo album. Her passion for parties, love of celebrations and outgoing personality makes Staci the only photographer that you need to capture the memories of your affair to remember.

Staci's interest in photographing NYC nightlife and Long Island culture has been a natural evolution that stems from crashing her parents' disco parties and growing up on Long Island. As the Photo Editor for The Village Voice for the past seven years, Staci has been influential on how major world events are perceived and interpreted by photography. Some events include the World Trade center attacks on 9/11, the 2004 Republican National Convention in NYC, the war against Afghanistan and Iraq, and the 2004 Presidential election.

In the spring of 2009, Staci will be having a solo exhibition on one of her many documentary projects, Long Island Proms, at the San Bernardino University Museum. Her photos can be seen regularly in and at The Village Voice.

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